There are situations that benefit from the use of custom fixtures to position and hold components to the best advantage for measurement. A common example is where multiple components are measured within one cycle and a fixture that enables the operator to quickly load and clamp them all at once reduces fatigue and improves productivity.

Orthopaedic Shoulder Joint CMM Fixture

A CMM fixture for an orthopaedic shoulder joint designed to enable batches of 40 parts to be run automatically while providing clearance all around the fixture for quick and easy loading and unloading

  • Batch load 40 parts.
  • Maximises the CMM volume.
  • Quick and easy to load.

Orthopaedic Knee Joint CMM Fixture

A CMM fixture enabling an orthopaedic knee replacement joint to be measured by a Mitutoyo MiSTAR CMM in batches of 12 at a time.

  • Batch load 12 parts.
  • Maximises the CMM volume.
  • Accessing all features.

Packaging Punch Tool CMM Fixture

This fixture was designed to enable measurement of punch tools in batches of 12 at a time.

  • Batch load 12 parts.
  • Automates the inspection procedure.
  • Accurate mechanical alignment.

Shop Floor CMM Fixture

In this application the operator needs to rapidly load and unload the part but also have a way of quickly reconfiguring the fixture. The top of the fixture is quickly and easily swapped over and measurement performed by a high-speed Mitutoyo Kogame CMM to achieve the desired cycle time.

  • Quick and easy to load.
  • Quick and easy to change fixtures.
  • Precision part clamping.

Gas Turbine Blade CMM Fixture

A fixture mounted on a pneumatic pallet and delivered by rotary table for handling a whole family of gas turbine blades, adapting quickly to their individual shapes and sizes.

  • Flexible for different parts.
  • Torque control on the clamping force.
  • Quick fixture change over.

Automated Robot Cell CMM Fixture

A fixture for an automated cell where two machine tools and a CMM are sequentially loaded and unloaded by a robot that also controls the pneumatically operated fixture to clamp the part.

  • Flexible for different parts.
  • Low clamping force.
  • Integration of the masterball and probe rack.


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